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Pregnancy Scans

Scan's available in 2D, 3D, 4D and HD Live

All of our pregnancy scans are done with due care and attention for you and your family. Although we aim to provide you with the most accurate information, there may be constraints, such as the way the baby is positioned that may prevent the Sonographer from getting completely accurate details. Occasionally with ultrasounds, some details may be missed and sometimes there may be something seen that may turn out to be of no importance at all, but in nearly all cases parents leave their appointment with us feeling reassured and continue with a normal healthy pregnancy. 

Very rarely there may be an unexpected problem. In the unlikely event of such, we will provide you with the necessary support and liaise with your GP and midwife as appropriate. It is not essential to bring your maternity record book as a full report will be provided at the time of your scan. 

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Early Pregnancy Scan - 7 to 15 weeks gestation £89

Reason for scan:

This is done to determine the viability of an early pregnancy. It will also determine if you have a single or multiple pregnancies between 7 – 15 weeks gestation.


• Standard early pregnancy measurement 

• Report with 4 thermal b/w prints


Gender Scan - 16 to 24 weeks gestation £69

Reason for scan:

Gender scans (sexing scans) are performed from 16 weeks gestation. Our professional opinion is based on a dedicated protocol using 2D ultrasound technology showing expectant parents the sex of their baby. 

Please note that ultrasound does not provide 100% guarantee. All scans are performed by a highly experienced and qualified Sonographer. 


• Sexing of baby 

• 4 Thermal b/w images

• 3D/4D Preview


Anomaly Scan 19 – 24 weeks gestation £139

Reason for scan:

Anomaly scans are done between 19 and 24 weeks gestation. During the scan the Sonographer will evaluate the growth of the baby against the expected gestational age and look at anatomical structures such as the head, chest, heart, stomach, kidneys and limbs using ultrasound technology.


• Report with 4 thermal b/w prints

• Complimentary sexing (gender) of your baby – Optional


3D/4D scans 26 – 32 weeks gestation £99

Reason for scan:

This is performed from 26 to 32 weeks gestation (22 – 26 weeks for multiple pregnancies). 

This is a non-medical ultrasound scan done for your reassurance, bonding and entertainment. 


• Framed 3D photo

• DVD of your scan

• CD ROM containing all of the images taken during your scan

• Gender confirmation (optional)

• Additional prints £5 each


Growth Scan 24 to 38 weeks gestation £95

Reason for scan:

Growth scans are performed between 24 to 38 weeks gestation. The sonographer will take images and measurement to confirm fetal growth and estimate fetal weight.


• Growth Measurements

• Weight Estimation

• 4 Thermal b/w prints

• Report (available on request)

• Complimentary sexing of your baby (Optional)


Presentation Scan 35 weeks gestation to Term £95

Reason for scan:

Presentation scans are performed from 35 weeks to term to confirm fetal position and placental site. Measurements of the baby estimating the fetal weight can also be taken.


• Identification of fetal position

• Placenta location

• 4 Thermal b/w prints


Preparation prior to your scan:

You will need to expose your abdomen, so ideally wear 2 piece garments i.e. trousers or skirt and top. A full bladder is required for Early pregnancy, Gender and Anomaly Scans so ideally drink 1 pint of water an hour before your appointment time and do not go to the toilet before your appointment. 3D/4D, Growth and Presentation Scans do not require a full bladder. On some occasions you may be offered an internal scan, this is so the sonograpgher can get more detailed images and measurements. In this instance you will be able to empty your bladder before the internal scan takes place.



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